Thursday, May 5, 2011

ask the TEACHERS!

one day,i'm wondering..wat is LOVE?(mahal in filipino:p)..
suddenly i ask my  tchr,here is the result..

physic tchr,(cikgu azlina:))
love is a force of attraction,to attract the positive and negative magnatic pole

bio tchr,(ckgu kk,ckg sakinah,ckg rohani:))
love is the way to know about humanities and related to that,

chemist teacher,(ckg marlina,ckg ili,ckgu KA:))
love is a chemical  reaction that we couldnt know the reason,

math tchr,(ckg fatimah,ckg hamizan,ckg rosila,ust tolhah:))
love is  to define one solution of  two non parallel lines,

islamic educatn teacher ( i assume the PAI, PSI n PQS tchr:) )--> (ust rahila,ust izzan,ust khadijah,ust hashimah:))
dont u ever leave love but dont be to close to it bcz love is full of hatred and temptation by the satan(am i spell it right??hehe) and love is sin targets

music tchr,
love is like  the rhythm and the song,they cannot be separated,

economic tchr,
love is human needs,that must be fulfilled either directly or indirectly,

history tchr,(ckg azarina:))
love can only be love if it is true and right. but dont forget,if there is the reason,there must be a consequence..

geog tchr,(ckg fida:))
love just like 4 seasons in europe's country..smetimes its spring,sometimes its summer,sometimes its winter and sometimes,its autumn..

languages tchr,(madame,ust kamisan,ckh fauziyah,ckg forum,ust faradin:)) 
love is wnderful bcz in love there must be harmony and the beautiful of words in it..

counseling teacher,
follow wat ur heart says,love is the motivation session and spiritual  between two,

inilah result berdasarkan kajian sy terhadap cikgu2 ini,hehe,just for fun,enjoy reading it:)

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  1. weeee!!! suka ini!!

    4 me, love is when anion of D and cation of F bonded together by ionic bond to form ionic compound of DF... and there was no other interruption of hydroxide ions..:)